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We see restructuring in three different scenarios; Preventive action so that you do not end up in a deep crisis. The second scenario is when you are in a crisis and need to improve your business. The third scenario is when you want to improve your company's earnings in a healthy company where owners require an improvement.

➤ We see turnaround as the strategy with a focus on overcoming the crisis through financial and operational restructuring of the company. Among the tools for performing the turnaround startup are; debt and working capital restructuring, cash flow forecasts and monitoring and control function through reporting.

 ➤ The company's economy reduces, what should you do now? Sometimes a reduction may be temporary but sometimes company has a long-term decline and shows negative results and it is becoming difficult to fund the business with current revenue from customer billing. Some try to bridge the downturn with additional loans or credits




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but the safest way is to start reviewing the business in the short and long term, otherwise such a bridge financing can only create a situation that is next to impossible to get out if the company continues to go bad.

What is the solution? You can rehabilitate almost all types of businesses by reducing your business and controlling cash flow while developing a turnaround plan that your creditors can accept.

One way to succeed with this is a turnaround plan or a strategic plan. The basis for this turnaround process is something we developed for 10 years by helping companies who need a turnaround.

A turnaround plan or strategic plan is particularly effective when it comes to companies with these criteria:

  • Strong work ethic and a willingness to succeed;
  • Maturity and insight to understand that the company needs nothing but more money to make it all by itself and to manage well.

➤ How do we work? We evaluate the financial and operational situation, ensure that financial resources are available, opportunities for improved cash flows, liabilities and profit-generating ability of the company. After analyzing, we provide a plan for your business to follow. Throughout the process, we will help track changes through reporting. The process takes from 3 to 12 months.

➤ Our service:

  • Short-term and long-term restructuring of business plans
  • Optimization of working capital
  • Cash flow forecast and control
  • monthly reporting
  • Profit growth and monitoring

➤ What result do you want? The strategy for lasting success and stable growth.



We help our customers to analyze and find solutions for their business

Our planning method provides results immediately

  It builds up teamwork through consensus, commitment and trust






➤ The company's economy is decreasing and expenses are increasing.

➤ Bank account is empty, and you may be using credit.

➤ You want a review of the management, finding deficiencies and improvement areas, and SWOT analysis to determine why your company fails.

➤ You need to implement strategies and restructuring plans to return to solvency.

➤ You need Corporate Renewal.




➤ Financial and operational position assessments.

➤ Opportunities to improve cash flow.

➤ Estimate of ability to generate profit.

➤ SWOT analysis

➤ Plan for short-term and long-term restructuring.

➤ Cash flow forecasts and checks.

➤ Reporting.

➤ Monitoring of profit growth.




➤ Crisis management plan for three months or one year.

➤ Plans for short-term and long-term restructuring.

➤ Correct reporting of all changes.

➤ Your creditors accept the plans and still give you credit.

➤ You optimize your working capital and a stabilized cash flow.

➤ You get a healthy company and a strategic plan for lasting success and stable growth.





Our turnaround service. For business owners who understand the value of an on-site turnaround specialist, we provide immediate security after 18 years of successful experience.


Our turnaround specialist will immediately visit you and help you streamline your business. You can breathe out while doing the rough job, meet your banker and lender, and pilot you through a turnaround of your company.


How does it work? When you hire us as Turnaround Consultants, we will develop a unique turnaround plan just for your company and help you implement it.


First, we will stabilize your cash flow so we can calm down the relationship with your creditors. We take time to understand our company to predict your environment, market and competitors before identifying your potential in the market.


Secondly, we analyze the company's development and identify parts where the company can develop. Based on the results we get, we will recommend solutions, prepare a forecast for cash flow and develop a written turnaround plan for your company.


Thirdly, we deduce from our multi-annual strategic planning method that gives immediate results. It builds up teamwork by developing consensus, commitment and trust. It dramatically delivers much better results by establishing personal responsibility, specific measurement points and action plans. It forces the management team to think of the whole and allows employees to follow the plan and continuously monitor and be responsible for whether to deliver or not and to keep track of the plan. If there is a deviation then action plans will be taken so that you get back on track. In this way, we create your turnaround to make it as successful as possible.


Our most detailed economic model includes:

The largest assumptions are documented and categorized: Customer growth, income sources, pricing, costs, pay times, expenses and number of staff. We translate the numbers into descriptions that are between formulas and calculations. We work with you to identify and quantify these assumptions and evaluations that are most important to you and your business.

All standard reports such as income statement, balance sheet and cash flow.


For our clients, we usually create three independent cash flow analyzes with different driving forces. Standardized cash flow, costs and expenses, cash flow. This approach makes it easier to see everything from another angle and from another perspective. Each of these cash flows is individual, so that you can implement a warning signal in your business plan that verifies the model.

All cash flows are made monthly. It's important to verify that your business model has enough financial strength so you can handle large expenses like employer's fees, taxes, investments, and other events.

Quarterly reporting during the first and second year, annual reports for the next three to five years. This kind of detailed information is investors and managers used to.


Operating expenses can be grouped between departments or other business processes that fit your business model. Some departments may be general and administrative, research and development, some may be costly and some profitability such as the market and sales department that will give you a positive cash flow. We give you a deliberate basis and it can be compared between different departments that show a percentage breakdown of costs that you can follow up. On this screen you will visualize how much you spend on different processes, functions, and departments. This approach will give you a good start to implementing your budgeting system.

Key figures such as earnings per employee that give you the opportunity to compare your goals against other companies in your industry.


Most consultation engagement takes several months. In some cases, extra time will be added.


Are we the right specialists for you? The answer is due to several factors. We produce the best results for clients who have the will to change and can adapt to minor changes.










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Senectus mi vivamus tincidunt vel ultrices cursus turpis dolor arcu.

Sep 22, 2016

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