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We see strategic planning as a combination of financial planning and market planning that together form a powerful tool when working with corporate development.

➤ How do we work? Each customer is unique, so we have an individual approach. We do not have a universal plan that suits all types of businesses or companies. We put a strategic plan based on the situation in which the customer is located.

➤ Our service includes:

  • Current / zero state analysis
  • Analysis of company's internal and external situation
  • SWOT analysis
  • Setting up targets
  • Development of marketing strategy and alternative strategies
  • Development a business plan
  • Performance of the plan and follow-up

Our methods give immediate effect


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➤ We present objective assessments of the company's financial position: Financial resources, production capacity and technology regarding your business.

➤ We provide you with economic forecasts, economic models, different scenarios and strategies for capital and financing.

➤ We also provide risk analysis and guidance, spreadsheet checks and other financial analyzes.

➤ What result do you get? Our planning method provides results immediately. It builds up teamwork, commitment and trust. It dramatically delivers much better results by establishing personal responsibility, specific measurement points and action plans.

It forces the management team to plan and get employees to follow the way out and is continuously monitored and responsible to deliver and to keep on the right track. If there is a deviation then action plans will be taken so that you get back on track.



We help our customers to analyze and find solutions for their business

Our planning method provides results immediately

  It builds up teamwork through consensus, commitment and trust






➤ You have set a goal for your business where you want to be in 3-5 years but you do not know how to get there.

➤ You need a strategic plan that creates change immediately.

➤ You want your employees to understand the goals and work focused on them.

➤ You need to know how the market looks in the next few years.

➤ You need to know how to compete with your competitors.

➤ You need to know what trends are on the market.




➤ Strategic planning (3-5 years).

➤ Forecast and analysis.

➤ Pro forma calculations.

➤ Financing scenario and analysis.

➤ Financial risk analysis and leadership.

➤ Report for decision making.

➤ Action plans for the year / year.

➤ Planning, goals and goals in focus.

➤ Competitive analysis.

➤ Market analysis.

➤ New perspective on the company.




➤ You increase the ability to succeed with your business.

➤ You increase the ability to raise capital in the company.

➤ You have a guide on how to reach the place where you want your business.

➤ You understand your market.

➤ You understand your competitors.

➤ Your employees know the company's mission and strategy to reach where you want.

➤ You have a forecast of how your cash flow will look in the next 3-5 years.

➤ You have a summary 3-5 year plan.




Set up a goal where you want your business to be in 3-5 years, now it's time to start planning ... According to a meta analysis by Scot Armstrong (Strategic Management Journal, 3, 197-211), the ability to succeed with 80 increases % when working systematically with a strategic plan Studies in different sectors and companies of different sizes indicate this. Create your own future do not let the future just happen. It is the difference between being proactive or reactive. Our multi-annual strategic planning method produces results immediately. It builds up teamwork by developing consensus, commitment and trust. It dramatically delivers much better results by establishing personal responsibility, specific measurement points and action plans. It forces the management team to think of the whole and allows employees to follow the plan and continuously monitor and be responsible for whether to deliver or not and to keep track of the plan. If there is a deviation then action plans will be taken so that you get back on track.


We provide a wide range of economic forecasts and analyzes for both start-ups to large listed companies..


Economic Forecasts: Your economic forecast is your business plan in numbers. We can create an easy-to-use economic forecast at the level that suits you and your company in the current situation. Our most developed multi-annual strategic plan is based on a methodology we have developed and refined since 2001. It is a powerful tool that enables you to understand your financial future. CEOs who have worked with this strategic plan have said that it is the best strategic plan they have worked with.


Here's how it looks: On the one hand, your business model is reduced to numbers that you can handle. On the other hand, we can make assumptions and estimates related to your core business and create a "cause and effect" model so that you can see what is important among the numbers and how they correlate. What is important and what is not so important.


Our detailed economic model includes:


• The largest assumptions are documented and categorized: Customer growth, income sources, pricing, costs, pay times, expenses and number of staff. We translate the numbers into descriptions that are between formulas and calculations. We work with you to identify and quantify these assumptions and evaluations that are most important to you and your business.


• All standard reports such as income statement, balance sheet and cash flow.

For our clients, we usually create three independent cash flow analyzes with different driving forces. Standardized cash flow, costs and expenses, cash flow. This approach makes it easier to see everything from another angle and from another perspective. Each of these cash flows is individual, so that you can implement a warning signal in your business plan that verifies the model.


• All cash flows are made monthly. It's important to verify that your business model has enough financial strength so you can handle large expenses like employer's fees, taxes, investments, and other events.


• Quarterly reporting during the first and second years, annual reports for the next three to five years. This kind of detailed information is investors and managers used to.


• Operating expenses can be grouped between departments or other business processes that fit your business model. Some departments may be general and administrative, research and development, some may be costly and some profitability such as the market and sales department that will give you a positive cash flow. We give you a deliberate basis and it can be compared between different departments that show a percentage breakdown of costs that you can follow up. On this screen you will visualize how much you spend on different processes, functions and departments. This approach will give you a good start to implementing your budgeting system.


• Key figures such as earnings per employee that give you the opportunity to compare your goals with other companies in your industry.


First, we take a moment to understand our company to predict your environment, market and competitors before we identify your opportunities in the market. Then we analyze the company's development and identify parts where the company can develop. We can create an economic model tailor-made for your business, and it becomes clear where you have significant impact on the margin, long-term. We add the impact of different projects on the business, the number of staff, and show you how to allocate your financial resources and quantify the impact on your earnings. We add a substantial and effective action plan.


Scenario analyzes: In our multi-annual strategic plan, we create the majority of scenarios where you can compare different ways of financing entrepreneurship. For example, you want to know how it would look if you borrow all the capital now or if you borrow a bit at a time or if you borrow the capital in a few years or if you borrow all the capital from the start.

We create a sensitivity analysis where you can see what happens when you change a percentage or change currency. This approach gives you the opportunity to see which assumptions have the greatest effect on your forecast and which in turn must be thought through carefully. It enables you, investors and lenders to focus on what's important instead of getting caught in things that are not so important.

We can design our economic forecast in a model that suits you and your business and create an economical model from scratch depending on the conditions. The process is as much science as it is an art and we have the experience to help you do it right.


Capital and Finance Strategies: We can evaluate various opportunities for growth in your business plan and help you develop and find an appropriate strategy to raise funds to finance your company. When we do, we analyze your capital needs, evaluate your capital structure and identify appropriate sources of capital acquisition (business angels, venture capital, loans, credit, internal cash flow, etc.) to help you reach full potential.


Evaluation: We can help you estimate the value of your company for reasons such as investments, mergers or acquisitions. Read more about this under our Corporate Valuation Services for more information.


Risk analysis and guidance: What can go wrong, and what can you do to prevent it? All companies and owners are confronted with different and unique risks. Identifying, analyzing and reducing these risks can make life easier for you and your company is taking a stronger position among its competitors. We can help you identify and quantify these risks by risk assessment and developing sophisticated risk models. Some of our techniques are Monte Carlo simulation as a model (an algorithm simulation), so that we can visualize the full potential of the results.


Spreadsheet check: If you have a complex spreadsheet in Excel, are you sure there are no formula errors? Almost all spreadsheets we have checked have had bad or bad misses. We are experts in finding these issues, so let us help you.


Other Economic Analysis: We can assist you with all sorts of different economic and statistical analyzes, product calculations, evaluating new opportunities for Monte Carlo simulations and scenario and analysis.











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