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We see business valuation as the starting point for the choice of future start-up and planning. It is a strategy for growth and development or sales of the company.

➤ How do we work? We analyze economic, organizational, technical aspects of business, investigate the dynamics and development opportunities and position among the competitors.

➤ Our service includes:

  • Valuation of tangible and intangible assets
  • Specific financial and economic indicators
  • Analysis of the previous economic activity of the company, forecast of opportunities for development, including triggers that may affect it
  • SWOT analysis
  • Goal set up
  • Development of a marketing strategy and alternative strategies
  • Development of a business plan
  • Performance of the plan and follow-up




070-755 95 60


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➤ Entrepreneurs know that it is impossible to develop a company without understanding how much it actually costs on the market.

➤ Financial valuation of the business gives tangible benefits regardless of the size, ownership and industry of the company.

➤ We also provide risk analysis and guidance, spreadsheet checks and other financial analyzes.

➤ What result do you get? You get the real value of your business. Knowing the real value of assets so that you can make effective decisions:

  • develop business plans based on actual rather than supposed numbers,
  • invest in projects,
  • negotiate the sale of your business without the risk of a bad deal,
  • requires better credit terms from a bank,
  • improve the organization's leadership through focusing on the market and insiders,
  • restructure your business and strengthen weak areas.



We help our customers to analyze and find solutions for their business

Our planning method provides results immediately

  It builds up teamwork through consensus, commitment and trust






➤ You want to buy a company.

➤ You need capital or investment in your company.

➤ You need a valuation of the company to understand what the shares are worth if you are to enter a partner.

➤ You want a partner in your company.

➤ You want to try a new frenzy in your company.

➤ You have begun to consider selling your company.

➤ You must start a new project.

➤ You want to change the company's strategy




➤ Valuation of tangible and intangible assets.

➤ Financial and economic indicators.

➤ Analysis of the economic activity of the company.

➤ Forecast of opportunities for development.

➤ Financial risk analysis and leadership.

➤ SWOT ananlys.

➤ Develop a market strategy and alternative strategies.

➤ Development a business plan.

➤ Performance of the plan and follow-up of the plan.




➤ You get the fair value of the company today to perform the following steps in the future:

➤ Get profitable business on sale of the company.

➤ Attract invertions, bank loans, partners

➤ Improving organizational development.

➤ Possibility to build a strategy and planning.

➤ Strengthen your business.

➤ Start a new project.




Decisions based on a valuation can be unexpected and radical, and that's good. After finding that a number of items in the balance sheet are ineffective or overreserved, you can get rid of them. For example, you can switch to renting warehouses or utilizing staffing companies, instead of maintaining your own buildings and facilities, or paying to employees in a low season. After receiving a report of the fair value of the company, the contractor may demand credit terms from a bank that corresponds to the value of his company, or whether it is a loan against collateral in the property. Confirmed figures are a significant discussion basis for investors in connection with mergers and acquisitions.


There are three methods of enterprise valuation. Each of them has a calculation algorithm. which will allow us to deduct the company's value for a certain date. To choose the best method for you, look at the features of the company and these details.


  • Revenue approach: Based on company revenue. Experts estimate how much the interfaces are now that the owner will receive in the future in the event of a company's success or sales. Economic risks are assessed in this process.


  • Information: It is the method used in case there is the reason for corporate valuation where the wish to sell the company or to implement new reinvestment projects. The reality is that all investors or a prospective buyer are not interested in the building, filled with equipment that provides the product. They are interested in revenue it receives when investing money in development or acquisition of assets. Income determines profit, company efficiency and welfare of owners.


There are different ways to count the present value of future profits. It depends on the method chosen by the valuer.


  • Direct capitalization methods. Market value is evaluated by the business through the formula V = D / R, where D - the annual net sales, R - the interest rate. From the formula, it's obvious that you need to know how much revenue is. The method is suitable for the company that shows stable and predictable growth, and is convinced that profitability will be maintained in the future.


  • The discounting method for discounting the expected cash flow income. In this case, the expert makes a discount on future cash flows on discount rates. The method is based on an economic fact that the money you now have is worth more than the same money in the future. There are several reasons - from inflation and end with force majeure. The expert will assess the future cash flows and the discount rate to calculate the right. Discounting is used to differ from the current after some time. Another case: when the cash flow is of a seasonal nature. The method is effective for estimating large multifunctional commercial companies.


  • Cost setting approach. The company is valued in terms of costs. It is based on the fact that the reported value of the assets does not match the market value. This gives rise to the need to adjust the balance. The method is used in cases where the business provides a stable income. For example, the company is newly formed or will be liquidated. Experts determine the market value of each asset, then takes the sum of the value of the company's assets and subtracts with liabilities. That approach makes it possible to calculate the most effective method of using real estate and construction. Cost adjustment to assessment assessment includes methods:r:


  • The method of net assets. Experts determine the market value of the company's asset and then subtract the value of its liabilities. Adjustments are not made in the company's income and expenses, but in balance sheet items.


  • Method of liquidation value. In this case, the amount that the owner receives is calculated if the assets of the company are liquidated and sold separately. It does not include goodwill, but costs of dismantling, commissions to intermediaries, property sales tax and other known expenses.
  • Comparative approach. The valuer provides information about the company's calculation, which is similar to what is being evaluated. Regarding price accuracy, depends on the reliability of information about competitors. The corporate value is focused on the amount you can sell the same company that is already on the market. Procedures are rarely used because finding two exactly the same companies on the market is difficult.


The theory also describes three ways that form the basis for a comparative method of enterprise valuation:

Capital Market Method. It is based on the price, which is determined on the stock exchange. To calculate the cost of the shares, expert focuses on the value of one share.


Transaction method is similar to the previous method, but the difference is that the study is not included in the price of one share without the total majority sea.


The method of industrial factors. Experts calculate the relationship between the value of the business and the economic parameters. In that case, it is considered information on the economic and production indicators on which the company was sold. We are talking about long-term reviews, which can develop quite simple formulas to evaluate the company's assets. The odds are universal and depend mostly on the details of the industry.


The theory is that whatever the method chosen is the primary, the values ​​of the business must be the same. In practice, this is hardly possible. The market is far from ideal models, imperfect competition, and the number of indicators based on formulas is too large. Therefore, different methods are likely to show different results. Choose what you need, which is most suitable for the characteristics of a particular business. In addition, it is possible to use any model. The company's value can be a variable and depends on direct external factors.










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