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We see exit planning as the business strategy of development and guidance that enables business owners to maximize value and leave the company on their own terms. It is a useful tool in mergers and acquisitions, for those who want to sell the company.

➤ How do we work? Each customer is unique, so we have an individual approach. We do not have a universal plan that suits all types of businesses or businesses. We make an exit plan depending on the situation in which the customer is located.

➤ Our service includes:

Comprehensive analysis of all factors affecting a business owner.

  • Estimation of tangible and intangible assets.
  • Plan to maximize the value of your business.
  • Cash flow management.
  • Due Diligence.
  • Performance and follow-up of the plan.

Våra fleråriga planeringsmetoder ger resultat omedelbart


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  • Plan for transfer of leadership and management to the next business or generation.
  • The strategy and measures that are most likely to let the company's owners achieve their goals.

➤ The strategy should be launched in good time as the process takes from 3 to 10 years.

➤Varje owners and companies have unique needs and goals to take into account. Regardless of each owner's situation, we can provide likely timeline and checklist to begin finishing the planning process.

➤ Tax optimization, cash flow optimization, capital improvements, earnings improvements are the areas we help our clients.

➤ What result do you want? Nowadays, there is a lot of money on the market for business owners because there is not enough money to satisfy all sellers. Only the best deals will be transferred. Establish a realistic picture of business value today. The value is based on what you can get out of it, not what you put on it. Get a road map now to increase the value in the future. Get an exit on the board. If the value is insufficient, we will help you increase your company's value through our growth strategies.

We offer all internal services than legal as we have established partnerships with law firms that have expertise in the exit planning process.



We help our customers to analyze and find solutions for their business

Our planning method provides results immediately

  It builds up teamwork through consensus, commitment and trust






➤ You want to sell your company and stop working or retire.

➤ You want to be sure that a successful ownership transaction will take place on time, efficiently and effectively.

➤ You want to maximize the financial return to the company's owner.

➤ The company's value must be maximized before the transaction.

➤ You need strategy and leadership in your succession plan.




➤ Corporate valuation.

➤ Financial planning.

➤ Tax restructuring.

➤ Comprehensive analysis of all the factors that impact owners.

➤ Maximize your company's value.

➤ Due diligence.

➤ Reporting.

➤ Forecast.

➤ Maximize your company's value.

➤ Legal.





➤ Certain value of the company, personal and business goals.

➤ Company value is maximized.

➤ The strategy for preserving and increasing corporate value in 3-10 years.

➤ Leave your company on your own terms.

➤ Transfer your business to other owners in the family.

➤ Your wealth is preserved. You are ready to shop your business efficiently and on time.




Exit and succession planning for business owners is a service we can deliver in case you want to leave your business and pass it on to someone in the family or to someone else.

Exit planning is the development of a strategy and is guiding that enables business owners to maximize value and leave the company on their own terms.


Why do you need to plan your exit? At any time, all business owners will leave their business. For most business owners, it's a one-off event in life. This is important because the average business owner has 50-90% of his wealth linked to the company. Most companies are not able to sell today for what the owner wants and expects.

Preparing your business for a sale can be a hectic business, possibly resulting from an unplanned event and under pressure. This often leads to undesirable sales and results far from the owner's expectations. The alternative is to systematically prepare the company and initiate it 3-10 years before and is driven only by your expectations in a future exit. That's the way we can help you.


When will you start your exit planning? The short answer is three to ten years before the planned exit.

The sooner you start the planning, the more opportunity you have to achieve all goals when leaving the company. On your own terms and according to your schedule. One of the ingredients for a successful exit planning is time. Depending on many factors such as your goals, priorities, the status and fitness of your company as well as the value of the company, your estimated plan, and your non-business assets, there may be changes that have occurred before your exit that needs several years to implement.

You can not check all the ups and downs when it comes to mergers and acquisitions, you can check the preparation of your business. If you plan to leave your business within the next 10 years, start working on the preparations so that you get everything under control, many changing parts you need to get ready to get as good a exit as possible.


Who will be involved in your exit planning? The planning process will be led by an exit adviser specializing in this type of transaction. It also includes advisory people already in your team such as lawyer, lawyer, financial adviser, tax expert can be asked to participate in different stages and questions depending on what plan you want to create. It's important to get input from your already existing and trusted advisors if they already have a deep understanding of your situation. The exit plan advisor runs the project and coordinates the work so that you avoid the same thing.


What is the next step? The next step is to get half an hour's consultation free, either as a meeting or by phone with your exit advisor. This will give you a better understanding of how the process works when planning an exit. The conversation or meeting gives you the opportunity to know more about us and how we can help you. Then you know if you want to continue the process with us.











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